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About Stage-ed Holiday Schools

Stage-ed was founded by Michael Southern and Stephen Palfreman in 2012. Whilst starring in the West End production of Blood Brothers we were asked to deliver a Blood Brothers workshop at the famous Pineapple Dance studios in Covent Garden. We both had previous experience in Drama workshops both as facilitators and participants, but we realised early on when working together that we loved working with students as much as we loved performing. We had an idea that we could work with some of the industries finest practitioners, and from this ‘Stage-ed’ was born. As well as being performers at the top of their game – our workshop team are also world class educators. It is with great pride that we work across the UK and Europe inspiring students in the classroom – and we promise to deliver a workshop experience that will see a shift in both knowledge and enthusiasm.

The ‘Stage-ed’ workshops provide all participants with a detailed practical exploration of the themes and issues involved in a particular show. All the workshops have been co created by educational specialists to target and develop the Core Skills and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills of the students involved.

The sessions are designed to be fun and fully Inclusive so that all of the students regardless of ability can access the content easily and participate all of the time. A great emphasis is placed upon working collaboratively as an ensemble to promote a positive working environment in which all student’s have the opportunity to create, and voice ideas and opinions in a safe and supportive learning situation. We believe by developing drama skills we encourage self confidence and self awareness.

Our testimonial page gives an idea of how well received our workshops have been, by both teachers and students. The idea is that we leave the students feeling enthused, inspired, and they should be talking about the session for weeks after. We are extremely proud that every school that has booked us to date – has invited us back to deliver another workshop.

“Blown away as my son has never sung on stage before!”- Lisa Jane Cohen